Who we are

Engineering, experience
and passion

We are a steadily expanding company specializing in irrigation and agriculture since 1957.

Our team of professionals and managers thoroughly assess the most suitable agricultural solutions for irrigation and crop growth. Factors such as terrain topography, soil type, climate, and specific crop requirements are carefully considered.

From design and equipment to management and financing, we handle all your agricultural needs with a unified goal: to ensure food security.

Alkhorayef Group

In a short span of time, Alkhorayef Group has achieved excellence in the agricultural market by representing and marketing top of the line brands, combined with offering a variety of excellent services to its customers.

The company diversified its activities and continued its progress in various fields such as machinery systems, oil, contracting as well as printing and paper. As it became necessary to pay particular and specialized attention to each field, Alkhorayef Group branched into several subsidiaries, each being independent in terms of management and resources, but all are unified under the established corporate code of ethics of the company.

Today, the group enjoys a worldwide presence. It operates in more than 40 countries representing renowned quality products and manufacturers.

Alkhorayef Industries

Alkhorayef Industries Company (AIC) is part of the Alkhorayef Group of Companies (AGC) which was founded in 1957. AIC is leading the industrial, agricultural, & irrigation systems around the world. The division has a long and proud history in the agricultural sector.

Today AIC is one of world’s big manufacturers of large-scale irrigation systems having strong international presence in Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. AIC is globally helping food producers meet growing demand in a way that is both environmentally friendly and profitable.

    Over the years AIC has developed a full industrial in-house ecosystem that includes the fabrication and production of:

    • Irrigation Smart systems (center pivot and linear systems).
    • Pump solutions (deep well, horizontal, and canal pump solutions)
    • Steel & Polyethylene Lined Pipes
    • Electrical Generators Manufacturing (Power Generation & Control Panel Solutions)
    • Steel Engineering & Fabrication (skids, Canopies, mobile & modular units)
    • AIC LAB & Consulting Services
    • AIC Industrial Training Program

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